Iris Downs

    An open area near the beach with 5 sites around a grassy common ground.  Close to Dune Beach along Dune Way and West Dune Way.  Short walk to Dune Way composting toilets.


    Interior road between Cross Island and Western Reach.  

Jibe Way

    Starts opposite 5 Western Reach and curves around by the Lily Pond, past Shelter Valley , ending at West Dune Way.   Short walk to bathrooms.

Joe's Head

    Begins at Lee Side Way near Ocean Sweep and ends on the  cliffs with views of Head Beach, Small Point, and Casco Bay.


    Interior road at the north end of the main camping area, near Pennant and Channel.   

Lee Side Way

    Starts at the Anchor on Island Rd. and winds down the hill, curves right,  goes along the marsh, and ends at Dune Beach.

Luff Lane

    A short, interior dead-end road off Cross Island Rd, between the end of Osprey Point and Topside.  Close to the entrance to the trails.