We are now closed for the season.  If you would like to visit the island you are welcome to park by the Kelp Shed and walk through the campground and along the trails.  If you have a canine companion, please pick up after him or her.  Thanks!

 Tomorrow, March 1, we will begin accepting reservation requests for less than a week.  You may reserve by mail, by phone, or by stopping by the office.  Please be patient if the phone is busy.  

There are some nights available on Ocean Prime and Prime sites, but not many, so if you call please do your best to be flexible about your dates, and have some Choice and Value sites in mind.  Best chances on any site are from June 21 until early July, and the last week of August.

Most of our campers have provided us with an email address so we can send out bills and confirmations electronically.  If you are new to Hermit Island, or have not yet contacted us with your email, please do so by contacting us at      

Only 11 weeks (approximately) until off-season camping begins!

Rates and Reservations