Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an Ocean Prime or Prime site? We only have 51 of them and the summer is short, but the best way is to request a site by mail for a week or longer in January or for less than a week by mail in March. Be sure your letter arrives before the 1st of January or March and be as flexible as you can with your dates. After that, it's all blind luck. If your schedule allows it, try camping in the Spring or Fall when we operate on a first come, first served basis from May 19th to June 22nd and  Labor Day until Columbus Day.

Which sites don't have mosquitoes? They have wings. They'll find you. However, the sites which are in more open areas near the shore where there is often a breeze are better than the wooded sites, in general. The severity of the mosquitoes is worse in June and July and tapers off in August. Ticks are also on the campground. Bring bug spray and perhaps a screen tent and you'll be fine.

Why don't you allow visitors? We understand this is frustrating for some people, but we are trying to limit the number of people to preserve the character of the island.

Why can't we check in early? We need time for our crew to clean your campsite and we cannot accomodate the cars from early arrivals in our parking lot.

Do you take credit cards? No, but we do have an ATM.

Can I bring my boat? Possibly. We have marina spaces available to reserve on a seasonal basis or on a temporary basis for the time you are camping. Space is limited. We also have spaces at the Yankee Yardarm on a first come, first served basis for boats under 20'. A boat trailer lot is located near the Lobster Pound near the north end of the island.